Smencils, Smillows, & Sellathon

Pencil fundraising with scented Smencils is easy and fun! These dollar items are a sure hit with parents and students alike.

Smencils and More

Our products include gourmet scented pencils, pens, markers, sketch pads, note pads, stickers, pillows and even stuffed animals. Our best-seller, Smencils, are made from 100% recycled newspapers and the plastic we use for our freshness tubes is recyclable.

Smillows Order Taking

Smillows are fun and look great on beds, couches or for traveling. They are throw-pillow-sized (averaging 13”x 14” x almost 5”), come in 10 styles, each with a different scent, and they smell fantastic. The scent is guaranteed to last for 2 years. Earn 40% profit with free shipping to the continental US.


Smanimals are ultra soft, fuzzy, cuddly, and has amazing scents. Each plush is 10 inches tall in sitting position, made to be surface washable and has a 2-year scent guarantee.

Smillows & Defenderz

15-inch gourmet scented pillows and the world's first stuffed toy to make the bedtime routine easier.

Sellathon INfo

The Scentco Sell-A-Thon is an online fundraising store that you can share with family and friends across the country.

Scentco processes all the transactions and ships right to your supporter’s door. Fundraising has never been this simple!

Sellathon Program

The Scentco Sell-A-Thon Fundraiser is an online fundraising store that your school or school group can share with your students’ family and friends across the country to raise money with Scentco’s award-winning products.

Scentco processes all the transactions and shipping! Your part is easy.

Sellathon Sample

A sample send-home flyer prepared for a local elementary

Students with their Smillows

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