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Grand Canyon Fundraising

Since 2001, Grand Canyon Fundraising has brought fantastic programs to groups of all sizes—schools, organizations and clubs—in Arizona and other states. Since she began as a PTA mom, Cindy understands fundraising from both sides, making her a great asset to your fundraising efforts. In 2017, Cindy won the Arizona PTA’s first ever Lifetime Achievement Award.

Grand Canyon Fundraising has the knowledge, expertise, and experience to make your fundraising event successful. We strive to offer the highest quality products available with the best program options, including the latest in hybrid fundraising to accomplish your goals with minimal contact.

GCF believes in service to YOU. Our goal is to help you achieve your educational goals as simply and profitably as possible. We listen and respond! 

Cindy Basile

Your Fundraising Expert

Cindy Basile settled in AZ in 1990 after growing up in NJ.  She started her fundraising career in 2001 after being a part  of the PTO at her children’s school.   She continued to serve on the PTA/PTO boards in the SUSD district for 10 years.  With this experience, Cindy is hyper-aware of your time and the needs of all schools with the challenges they face with volunteers.

Cindy makes it her goal to make sure you have all the best products and top notch technology to make your event absolute perfection. Over the last 20+ years Cindy has partnered with 100’s of schools raising over 10 million dollars for them.

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