Cherrydale Program


Quality through Commitment

Customized Parent Letter

We customize a parent letter for you locally, email it to you for changes, then print and collate the final letter into packets which go out to students one week before sale.

Customized School Packet

Each packet contains the printed parent letter, a product catalog, a 3-part NCR form and color prize information sheet. These are collated and sent to the school a week ahead of kick off.

Motivational Kick-Off Assemblies

Our free, 20-minute motivational assemblies include instructions for proper participation, including our strict “no door-to-door” policy. Most schools schedule an assembly to increase participation.

Tally and Reconciliation System

Just turn in the order forms (3-part carbonless) and money, and we will tally them for you.

24/7 Customer Service

Account information, order status and student rankings are accessible 24 hours a day from Cherrydale via phone or online at Or, you may call Cindy anytime for this information.

Individual Student Boxed Order

Orders arrive in uniform-sized boxes, labeled with student names. Each box contains a computerized packing slip, the products sold, the prize(s) selected (if applicable) and the original order form. A user-friendly system for handling any re-orders or discrepancies is also included.

E-mail Friends and Family Online Web Sales

The most advanced “Friends and Family” emailing program in the industry increases sales using our multiple pre-generated HTML color pages for your friends and family. We are number one in online sales—let us show you why!

Contact Cindy Basile and let me show you!